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General info:
Story takes place on an isolated island off the Eastern Russian coast. The island was used as a research place for genetic testing on cats. The cats eventually escaped and a evactuation was ordered. Now the island is uninhabited by humans and the project was covered up. Story takes place around 40 years after the project was abandoned?

The cats are now split into three main colonies. The Raspberries live in the fields to the west, The Blackberries live in the forests to the north, The Cloudberries live in the caves & beaches to the east. The cats follow a religion of 'the beast' in which they worship a cat-like creature living in the old lab. 'The beast' is the first cat that escaped from the project and started wrecking havoc.

Outside of the colonies there are 'strays', cats who do not believe in the religion of 'the beast'.

While this story was originally inspired by Warrior Cats, it is not the same. I have added many differentiating things to the lore and even revamped it specifically to move away from Warrior Cats.