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Persona games

I've played through Persona 5, 4, 3 and 2: Innocent Sin. I've played some of Persona 2:Eternal Punishment. My thoughts on the games are as follows:

Persona 2 is surely my favorite out of the series. All the Persona games have pretty silly and nonsensical stories, and Persona 2 probably has the silliest. That said, this isn't a flaw. The story and characters are amazing and they're really what makes me love the game. I personally also enjoy the graphics of the game. The biggest issue with Persona 2 is the gameplay. Battles are clunky, and, frankly, unfun. Not to mention that the encounter rate is far too high, seriously like every 10 steps you'll run into an enemy. Managing ALL your teammates Persona's is bothersome and I'm glad they changed it in later games. All this said, I still love Persona 2.

Persona 3 Portable is a close second to Persona 2. I have not played Persona 3: Reload or FES. Persona 3 has a story and characters that really resonated with me & I enjoyed. It also has my favorite dungeon set-up of all the games. Very good 👍

Persona 5 is my third favorite of the Persona games. It has a very unique style to it, which I enjoy. It has the most fun gameplay out of the games. A lot of the characters ring very hollow, though. Overall all quite good.

Persona 4 sucks.