Whistle, Bristle, and the founding of the Raspberries

Bristle and Whistle were the founders of the Raspberries. They decided to split off from the main group after Paracosm’s challenging. Specifically, it was Bristle that urged them to go. Bristle heavily looked up to Bartholomew & saw them as a savior like many did, but they now saw how he could just as easily be their killer.

So, they, along with some other cats, set off to the moors. Life was fairly normal for a while, but as time went on Whistle noticed something off about Bristle. They were scared, even more so than they had been while being experimented on. Bristle was terrified, and they had a deep, deep respect for Bartholomew born of that fear.

Whistle couldn’t bear to see his dear friend like this, he tried so hard to help them, but no matter what he did, he realized they would never be free of this fear. So he decided to do the last thing he could. If he couldn’t stop Bristle’s fear at least he could make sure they never had to experience it again.

Whistle betrayed Bristle and tried to kill them. He wasn’t able to though, and Bristle killed him in self defense. But now the person who Bristle cared most about was dead by their very claws. They were consumed by guilt and grief. They didn’t know what to do. So, they lied.

Bristle told the colony cats that Whistle was evil, that he had attempted to turn them away from god. Whistle was buried beneath the earth. Bristle’s mental state continued to worsen and over time there were numerous sightings of Whistle after his death. Bristle took this as a sign. If cats are not fed to the Beast after death, then they will be cursed to forever haunt the earth. So started the tradition of feeding cats to the Beast after their death.

Of course, Bristle’s belief was not true. Whistle hung around after death because he desperately wanted to tell Bristle that he didn’t blame them, that he forgave them, & that he was sorry.