Third eye/Enigma/Poppy

Third Eye, Enigma or Poppy is one of the main protagonists of my story.

A drawing of a long-furred calico cat, she has a large scar on her chest. Above her right eye is a smaller, third eye. On the image is text reading: Third Eye/Enigma, She/her, design isn't exactly set, feel free to mess with colours and/or patterns a bit


Enigma is the daughter of Euphoria, a stray, and Sedge, a colony cat. Sedge and Euphoria had been dating for a while, but, because Euphoria got pregnant she had to go away for a while. Sedge tried to convince Euphoria to come to live with The Raspberries, but she declined. Euphoria had only one kitten, there was something a little strange about it though, just above its right eye was a smaller, third eye. Euphoria thought this was unique and named her kitten Enigma because of it.
When Enigma was a couple months old, Euphoria decided to take her to meet her father. When Sedge saw Enigma and her three eyes, he was disgusted. He thought that she was a freak, that she would one day do something awful. Sedge was also disgusted with himself, how had something he deemed so awful have come from him? He attempted to kill Enigma right then and there. Euphoria was much stronger than Sedge and was able to defend Enigma, but Enigma was left with a nick in her right ear.
From then on, Enigma had a fairly normal upbringing. She grew up alongside a cat named Diamond. Diamond was around her same age and was the daughter of Sapphire, a friend of Euphoria's.

About a year before the main story started, there was an awful winter. It was long and harsh, causing lasting problems for those within and without the colonies.
It was this winter when Enigma and Euphoria went to the Raspberries, seeking help. They would have gone to the Cloudberries but it was too far away, they never would have made it. Unfortunately, along their way they were found by a patrol consisting of Sedge and a tom cat named Sparrow. Sedge attacked Euphoria. Euphoria was a better fighter than him, but he had the jump on her and she was killed. Sedge then went for Enigma but, luckily, was torn away from her by Sparrow.
Enigma ran and ran, not looking where she was going. She ended up crashing through the forest before collapsing and passing out from blood loss. When she woke up next she was within the Blackberries camp. Enigma was filled with grief and rage. Her mother was dead, ruthlessly slaughtered. She was not her mothers daughter anymore, she was a gruesome, sinful thing that had been doomed since the start. Her eye was not something special or unique, it was a curse. She was no longer Enigma, but Third Eye.

Meanwhile, within the Raspberries, Sedge was put on trial. His son Robin, and wife Lamb argued that he had simply mistaken Euphoria for a Blackberries cat (The Raspberries and Blackberries were at war during this time). Others though, like Sparrow, fought that if he was simply trying to protect the territory, killing a cat like so was too far. Others further brought up a history of violent behavior from Sedge. In the end, it was decided that he would continue to be sponsored by the Raspberries, but would be kept on (essentially) house arrest in a den away from camp.

After recuperating for a while in the Blackberries, Third eye finally went back to her home. She had one goal now, to kill Sedge, her father. Diamond was distraught to hear what had happened to Third Eye and Euphoria. She knew that this would never end well and she saw Third Eye getting into bad groups. Diamond tried to help but she soon realized Third Eye wouldn't listen, and regretfully cut her off before she dragged Diamond down with her.
Meanwhile, Third Eye had been hanging out with a new group of cats. These cats were Rayner, Soot and Terracotta.
After some while, Third Eye decided she was ready to put her plan into action. Sparrow had recently died and Sedge wasn't trusted by the colony, so no one would recognize her. She joined the Raspberries as Third Eye claiming that she was interested by the ways of colony life and wanted to stay for some time. She was readily accepted in. Here she got to meet Robin and Lamb and was surprised to find them genuinely kind. Third Eye had an earnestly good time in the Raspberries but, of course, this would not last. From Robin she found out where Sedge was and went there one night. She killed both him and the cat who guarded his den, and then fled.

Following this, two and two was put together and it was figured out that Third Eye did this. Warnings were sent out to the other colonies and a cathunt was started. Third Eye was first found by Sea from the Cloudberries, whom she killed. She was next caught by Foam, who drove her to the edge of a cliff. Sea was Foam's mate and they were distraught over her death. Third Eye saw this cat, hysterical and filled with grief, and she realized she had made a mistake. Her mission had strayed from its goal of just killing Sedge and now she had left a cat in the exact same state that she had been in.
In the end, Foam spared Third Eye, they said that they would tell the colonies that they had thrown her off the cliff. Third Eye was confused by this, she thought surely she deserved death in this cats eyes. Foam explained that if they killed Third Eye than they were just as bad as she was. The two parted with Third Eye promising she'd never return to the colonies.

After this, Third Eye went back to Diamond and apologized. She also realized that while Third Eye certainly wasn't her name, Enigma wasn't either. She had always hated to be defined purely by her eye, and thats what both these names did. She decided to name herself after her favorite flower, Poppy.